About us

About us

The vital force of nature in human hands

The "greening" of cosmetics is an increasingly sustainable tendency and a direction where a lot of investments are done and researches are performed.
This is good, but a little bit misleading ...

We at Exillys rely on sincerity and science.
 We offer well- handled organic cosmetics, which remain natural, we preserve the quality of the ingredients without chemical treatment but they are refined by professionals!
Do you want to learn the truth?
Indeed, the majority of the diversity of face products, hand creams and anti-wrinkle ointments are not really "entirely natural." Extracts are used, which are extracted in advance in a special way, and then processed on ...
An even more special way!
In fact, the further treatment of the ingredients allows the corresponding cosmetic product - such as a face cream - to obtain the consistency needed and to be safe for the skin.
Because skin is too sensitive to "completely natural" ingredients.
In this regard, what is our proposal?
Real effective natural cosmetic products!
We at Exillys rely on the natural effect! And this is the effect you are looking for - soft skin, pore purification, light and pleasant consistency of the creams.
Yes, we also rely on natural ingredients in all our cosmetic products. However, we also use
tested ingredients
innovative formulas
with a proven health and rejuvenating effect.

What do we achieve with this approach?
The guarantee that you will really touch the desired natural ingredients that will have a powerful, insulated and truly healing effect on your skin.
At Exillys, we are constantly developing new cosmetics with special formulas tested by experts and tested numerous times. These special formulas run with detailed prescriptions and are certified according to the strictest European standards.
You can rely on 3 main signs for quality of our natural cosmetics:
Precise scientific selection of active ingredients - delivered by proven global companies and our long-term partners
Isolated natural extracts with guaranteed non artificial origin which have a powerful beneficial influence on your skin - such as pea extract for healthy and rejuvenated skin, vine extract which serves as an antioxidant and white truffle for glamorous look of your skin
Application of innovative formulas to achieve the complete effect of natural ingredients and ensure safety usage for our customers.

How was the idea for ​​these cosmetic products born?
We at Exillys wanted to create products which are made in such a way and with such a quality that meets our requirements that we believe our mothers, sisters and closest people deserve:
• We invested in the highest quality natural ingredients such as white truffle extract, vine extract, stem cell extract, pea extract, caviar extract
• We combined these ingredients in a way that we can achieve visible results and a tangible feeling for improved and lightened skin
• We invested a lot of love and desire to see the smiles on the faces of our closest people when they use these cosmetics
And we think we have managed to realize our dream and we see the smiles on the faces of our beloved ones!
Now our mission is to see the smiles on the faces of your mothers, sisters and beloved ones!
This is the truth! Cosmetic products created with a scientific approach for beneficial action even at a cellular level.
The Living Power of Nature in Human Hands - Exillys!