Hyaluron & Caviar cream age 45+

Hyaluron & Caviar cream age 45+

Luxurious day and night ANTI AGE Face Cream * Rich in active ingredients and vitamins * Refreshing ANTI AGE formula with Hyaluron and Caviar

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Luxury Day & Night ANTI AGE Face Cream 30ml.

* Long-lasting lifting effect - only after 1 month
* Regenerates cells
* Removes pigmentation
* Improves face complexion
* Restructs skin
* Removes fine lines and wrinkles
* Hydrates the skin in depth
* Rich in active ingredients and vitamins
* Recovering ANTI AGE formula


* Caviar Extract - Contains Minerals, Amino Acids and Peptides, thanks to which the skin is nourished, radiant, hydrated and intensely restored. Effectively removes signs of aging and speeds up cell regeneration. Lightens the skin and removes pigmentation.
* Highly concentrated Hyaluronic acid - deeply hydrates and thickens the skin.
Smooths visible wrinkles, improves elasticity and removes fatigue.
* Hop extract - Shrinks the pores, regulates greasing and sebum production.
Makes the skin smooth, soft and gentle..
* For additional hydration and nourishing of the skin contribute: sunflower oil, coconut oil, rose water, cottonseed oil, lactic acid, common rosehip oil, argan oil, beeswax, panthenol, olive oil, chamomile extract.

For all skin types. Parabens free natural cosmetics, suitable for age 45+ with delicate, light and fast-absorbing texture 30 ml.

Instructions for use: Apply in the morning and in the evening on a well-cleaned face. The cream can be combined with serum from the EXPLOSION LINE series.

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